APR - Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry

TARDO NDT can offer you the newest heat-exchanger tube inspection technique, which is 10-20 times faster than present technologies, using more than 50 years old Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry (APR).Application of this technique in real industry is patented by the Israeli company ACOUSTICEYE.

4We can inspect every tube, regardless of size, configuration or material, 10-20 times faster than traditional invasive inspection technic. The technology saves your down time, save your energy and money due to increased performance and efficiency. Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry checks precisely ID (Internal Diameter) tube faults for leakage, pitting, corrosion, blockages (partial or full). APR cannot check the outside tube condition! This technique can inspect tube with internal diameter range 6-102mm and length up to 40m. This method is the cheapest and the fastest for checking tube condition and rising efficacy.In case of leakage failure we will be the fastest who will tell you which tube is fluent. If your heat-exchanger is with separate quadrants, we can immediately inspect the problem quadrant, during others are in normal working regime.

AcousticEye is a pioneer in Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry (APR) technology for use in the non-destructive testing (NDT) industry. Founded in 2005, the Company’s team includes world class experts specializing in acoustic signals and metallurgy. AcousticEye’s ultra-fast, non-invasive inspection solution is aimed at today’s hard-to-inspect tubes. With new capabilities for testing up to 4" inner diameter, it is now possible to inspect boilers, as well as Fin Fans and other heat exchangers regardless of tube shape or material. AcousticEye’s proven Dolphin G3™ system is an advanced, yet easy-to-use tool that overcomes the limitations of conventional invasive inspection techniques. With its simple operation, automated analysis and report generation, there is far less dependency on operator expertise. Enabling reliable inspection of the most challenging tube sizes and configurations, AcousticEye increases inspection cycle efficiency and operational cost savings.

What is APR? How does APR work?

4Optimizing APR Technology for Industrial Tube Inspection - Following extensive R&D efforts, AcousticEye has developed the world's leading tool for industrial tube inspection applications based on APR. The innovative tube inspection solution is designed specifically for detecting faults commonly found in industrial tube systems: leaks, increases in internal diameter caused by wall loss, and full or partial blockages. The handheld probe employs extremely short source tubes (approximately 20 cm), making it extremely portable and convenient. Building upon APR technology, AcousticEye has engineered a series of breakthrough algorithms that enable the system to isolate, and then identify the above faults automatically, with a measurement time of less than 10 seconds per tube.

Advantages over Current Technologies

The Tube Inspection Process