IRT-16 – Infrared Thermometer

IRT-16 – Infrared Thermometer
Category: Temperature indication
Model: IRT-16 – Infrared Thermometer
Manufacturer: Helling-ndt
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Product Description

Non-contact thermometer with laser targeting for welding inspections. Adjustable emissivity. Type K thermocouple Port. Displays: MIN – MAX – DIF.


Measuring range             -60 to +625°C
Operating range             0 - 50°C
Accuracy             1.0°C
Emissivity range             adjustable from 0.1 to 1.0 in 0.01 steps
Resolution             0.1°C
Response time (90%)         1 sec
Distance spot ratio- D:S         16:1
Battery life             typical 180 hrs, min. 140 hours continuous use
Dimensions             46 x 143 x 185 mm
Weight                 240 g including 2 x AAA batteries
Auto shut off             60 sec. After last measuring



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