PHD 1-20 Pipeline Test Kit

PHD 1-20 Pipeline Test Kit
Category: Holiday detection
Model: PHD 1-20 Pipeline Test Kit
Manufacturer: buckleys
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Product Description

Product Code: D23

Buckleys Pipeline Test Kit contains all the necessary equipment to enable inspectors to perform basic tests for pinholes, porosity and other faults quickly and effectively on non-conductive pipe coatings or linings. Coating thicknesses of 20 microns up to a maximum of 6.5mm can be tested.


  • Clear LCD display of test voltage
  • Audible and visual alarm fault indicators
  • Calibration Certificate to National Standards supplied
  • Power limited output for operator safety
  • Safety switch incorporated in handle
  • Built-in charger unit
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Variable sensitivity for testing on concrete substrates or moist surfaces
  • Full range of electrodes available
  • One year ‘back-to-base’ warranty
  • CE approved

Pipeline Test Kit (Ref: D23) comprises:

PHD 1-20kV Holiday Detector with built-in charger and battery, shoulder bag, test probe handle with 2m high voltage lead and pressure safety switch, mains charger lead, trailing earth lead, 1 x 460mm extension rod (electrode connection), 1 x 250mm (10”) phosphor bronze brush electrode, electrode shoe, trimming tool and test voltage calculator. A calibration certificate is included in the comprehensive instruction manual.

Technical Specification

  • Adjustable output voltage range: 1-20kV DC
  • Variable sensitivity: 0-500uA
  • Suitable for coating thicknesses: 20 microns to 6.5mm
  • Maximum continuous current: <1mA
  • Operating time: 10 hours average
  • Meter accuracy: +/- 1%
  • Mains voltage for charging: 90 to 240V AC 50/60 Hz
  • Weight (unit only): 6.5Kg
  • Dimensions (unit only): 21cm wide x 12.5cm high x 26.5cm deep
  • Packed Weight (Pipeline kit): 8.5Kg
  • Dimensions (packed): 36cm x 36cm x 36cm
  • D23 - PHD 1-20 Pipeline Test Kit

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