Site-X C3603

Site-X C3603
Category: Xray generators
Model: Site-X C3603
Manufacturer: Icmxray
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Product Description
Output voltage range kV 120 to 360
Output voltage selection step kV 1
Tube current range mA 1 to 5
Tube current at full output mA 3
Tube current selection step mA 0.1
Maximum useful angle of X-ray beam (°) 360 x (2x20)
Dimensions of optical focal spot mm ø 6 x 1.0
Inherent filtration mm 2.5 (Al) + 0.4 (Ni)
Carrousel of internal diaphragms with lead cap - no
Working cycle at 40°C ambient temp. % 100
Operating temperature range °C -25 to +70
Storage temperature range °C -40 to +80
SF6 insulation pressure at 20°C kg/cm² 5.0
Cooling fan supply voltage VDC 24
Weatherproof level - IP65
Penetration into steel at max. power (FFD=700mm/Film D7pb/D=1.5/T=20 min) mm Fe 69
Guard rings   no
Position of interconnection socket choice Axial/Radial
Maximum leakage dose at 1 m mSv/h 10
Microcontroller HT measurement circuit (kV and mA) - yes
Overall dimensions mm ø 280 x 875
Total weight without guard rings kg 48

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