Retro-fit Kit

Retro-fit Kit
Category: Holiday detection
Model: Retro-fit Kit
Manufacturer: buckleys
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Product Description

Product Code: H2

The Roxby Bathycorrometer® has been in service for a number of years, and some of the electronic parts are no longer available. Buckleys has developed a Retro-fit Kit to upgrade the old BCM Mk5 bodies with a set of new, advanced electronics.

The new electronics are mounted into the old body on a spacer, which allows the electronics to be fitted into the unit with the lens removed. It is now possible to make calibration adjustments simply by removing the lens. A new lens is supplied so that modified units can be distinguished from old units. The connection between the electronics and the body is via plug and socket. This allows the electronics to be replaced easily and quickly.

Since the new electronics use an LED back-lit LCD display which requires a new battery, a new charger is supplied with the kit. This charger will not charge the old units but the old version will charge the new electronics very slowly.


  • Cost effective means of up-dating old style Roxby Bathycorrometer®.
  • Accurate 3½ digit LCD display.
  • LED back-lit LCD display.
  • Nickel Metal Hydride battery.
  • Full instructions supplied.
  • Electronics tested and calibrated.
  • Socket to connect leads from body to electronics.
  • Buckleys Retro-fit Kit H2

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