The SB Series Demag Units

The SB Series Demag Units
Category: Magnetic particles inspection
Model: The SB Series Demag Units
Manufacturer: magnaflux
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Product Description

The SB series offer inexpensive, powerful, (8000 amp turn) stand alone demagnetisation.

The speed and efficiency of the SB Demagnetisers enable these units to be widely applied to many demagnetisation requirements. They operate on an intermittent duty cycle – 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off – suitable for demagnetising the largest part that fits the coil opening or an array of small parts. The SB Units are compact in size and ruggedly built. The units are designed to fit almost any production or inspection set-up and to withstand hard industrial service.


  • Fast, thorough demagnetisation
  • Broad application – units to handle large and small parts
  • Intermittent duty cycle
  • Automatic timing switches
  • Rugged construction


  • Table top or track and carriage for part handling assistance
  • 12,000 amp Turn Output (50% higher)
  • Ring Down capacitors (Reduces current draw and slowly decays magnetic field)
  • Automatic Triggering (electronic eye automatically starts timed cycle)
Part Number Description Opening Size
007E107 SB-911 250 x 300mm
007E108 SB-911 Track and Carrige N/A
007E111 SB-1619 425 x 500mm
007E112 SB-1619 Track and Carriage N/A
007E076 SB-2824 730 x 630mm
007E127 SB-2824 Track and Carriage N/A






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