Visual inspection

TARDO-NDT Inc., provides NDT certified visual inspectors in accordance with NAVSEA, MIL-STD, ASTM, ASME, AWS and other NDT Visual testing standards, specifications and procedures. From looking at aircraft windows with optical prism for chips and delaminations to looking at welds for cracks and undercut. Our qualified and certified NDT Level 2 and 3 technicians are experts in the field of visual testing.

4Magnification Inspections are available in-house or in the field. Proper lighting, angle and distance are maintained per governing NDT documents. When certifying a welder we can perform the visual testing, ultrasound shearwave verification and radiography all in house or at your facility.

Remote visual testing is available with rigid borescopes, industrial fiberscopes and videoscope technology including remote controlled crawlers. Remote visual inspections are dependent on their environment and are often used for the detection of corrosion and assisting with the corrosion mapping process.

TARDO-NDT Inc., can perform first article testing, joint verification, NDT visual testing audit or provide the training to get you to the appropriate level to perform the NDT visual examinations for your company. Our NDT Instructors are ASNT NDT VT Visual Testing Level III’s, NAS-410 Level III’s and SNT-TC-1A Level III’s with industrial and military experience. We understand welder qualifications and flexible borescopes and can teach you about both in a class specifically targeted to your company and industry.